Power of One Fitness wants to help you make a positive change in your health and wellbeing. Contact David to chat through your goals. From that conversation, you will be provided with a bespoke personal training programme to suit your expectations.
The personal training programme will be determined by you, along with the timings and place for your exercise sessions - be that at the Power of One Fitness studio gym, your own home or the great outdoors. The goals you set will be reviewed regularly. 


People often talk about losing weight when they really mean that they’d like to lose fat. This is something that is very achievable with a structured and bespoke exercise programme, using a range of exercise protocols to burn away excess body fat. 

Power of One Fitness was set up in the knowledge that specifically tailored exercise can be used to combat a range of conditions. Over the last few years there have been several thousand scientific papers written across the globe regarding the range of benefits that exercise has on the body - warding off chronic disease and improving mental capacity are two significant advantages.

There are many things to think of when planning a wedding, and worrying about looking your best on your special day is something that can play on the minds of brides and grooms alike. Power of One Fitness would like to take that worry away from you with a exercise and nutrition programmes designed to suit you.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or think that running is something that you’d like to do, Power of One Fitness can help. We have trained people who have never run before to seasoned marathon runners and triathletes. Through a specifically tailored programme we will help you improve your leg strength, power, and speed. 

Power of One Fitness offer in-person 1-2-1 personal training sessions with an empathetic and caring personal trainer. The programme will be bespoke to you and your goals, based on your current health and fitness levels. These sessions can take place in the Power of One Fitness studio gym or at a location of your choice.

Power of One Fitness offer a range of group training options, from boot camps to small group personal training sessions for couples, friends or families. The sessions are designed to challenge and stimulate the participants. These training sessions can take place in the Power of One Fitness studio gym or at alternative locations.

“Corporate wellness makes commercial sense” - this was the phrase running throughout a report commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions. Employee health is a vital component of a productive and profitable workforce. Power of One Fitness is able to provide a range of wellness options for companies looking to improve their employee job satisfaction and retention.

Power of One Fitness has considerable experience working within the educational environment providing coaching, fitness and health solutions for children and staff. Whether it is coaching specific sports, improving the health and fitness of pupils and staff or implementing a wellness programme, Power of One Fitness is able to provide a tailored solution.

With so many quick fixes and crash diets espoused in the media today, it is little wonder that many people are confused by conflicting information. Power of One Fitness provides a sensible approach to everyday nutrition, with the emphasis on building sustainable habits for a healthy life. We firmly believe that food is something to be enjoyed, not something that could be thought of as a sin.


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